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About Us


About Us

Our story was founded in 2021 and started as a small website that aims to resolve many of the problems that people have in regard to PCs and laptops. We are happy to see how fast we grow and we aim to aid more and more people in their journey to find the perfect PC.

The mission

Our mission is to help everybody who has a PC or laptop related problem regardless of the nature of the problem. We are here to aid does who are building, repairing, and configuring PCs.
Many people end up buying the wrong PC components or even the wrong laptop, we are here to ensure that this isn’t the case for you.

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Building a PC doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job, you just need the right knowledge!


Isac Vasile Claudiu

Founder and main author

Isac Vasile Claudiu is the founder of, he is also the main author and editor of His main responsibilities are to write, proof check, and edit the posts on so that the readers will find a quick and easy fix to their PC-related problems.

Latest posts

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    Most Common Causes of Motherboard Failure (+Prevention Tips)

    Having to deal with a faulty motherboard can be very frustrating, believe me I know! In all my years of repairing PCs, I encountered a lot of faulty motherboards and in most cases, the fix was getting a new motherboard and this can be a costly repair. To lower your chance of dealing with a…

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  • How Much Power Does a Motherboard Use? (Solved!)

    How Much Power Does a Motherboard Use? (Solved!)

    Gamers and computer enthusiasts often ask this question, and the answer may surprise you. A regular motherboard’s power consumption will be in the range of 25 to 40 W while a high-end motherboard’s power consumption can reach even 80 W. A motherboard’s power consumption is highly influenced by its features, the type of voltage regulator,…

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  • Can You Cheap-Out on the Motherboard? (You Need To Know This!)

    Can You Cheap-Out on the Motherboard? (You Need To Know This!)

    A motherboard is the central nervous system of your PC. It is the part of your computer that enables all the different components to communicate, so it’s safe to say it’s of critical importance. With that in mind, can (and should) you go cheap on a motherboard? You can go cheap on a motherboard, but…

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