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Generally keeping the same brand for connected devices is a good idea. But, if you’ve had some experience with PC building you’ll know that using PC components made by different manufacturers can come with compatibility issues, and so are AMD CPUs compatible with NVIDIA GPUs?

NVIDIA graphics cards are compatible with AMD CPUs. The most cost-effective to build a high-performance computer is by pairing an AMD CPU with an AMD graphics card. But, AMD graphics cards have known driver issues, so the next best is using an AMD CPU with an NVIDIA graphics card.

There are multiple CPU and graphics card pairings that you can go for, for a new rig. Below, I will explain which combinations are possible, and which are the best. That way you can make the best decision when getting a new computer.

Will an NVIDIA Graphics Card Work with an AMD Motherboard?


NVIDIA graphics cards are compatible with AMD motherboards, there aren’t any known issues installing an NVIDIA graphics card on a PC built around an AMD CPU. The general consensus in the gaming community is that using an NVIDIA graphics card with an AMD CPU is one of the best combinations from a price-to-performance standpoint.

With that said, here’s a compatibility table for graphics cards and motherboards:

MotherboardGraphics card (GPU)Are they compatible?

When a new graphics card is released on the market, it’s better to let the dust settle, and wait until it has been thoroughly tested, to be sure that you won’t encounter driver problems.

Is It Bad to Use an AMD CPU with an NVIDIA GPU?

Most electronics manufacturers develop components that work seamlessly with each other. You may be a bit wary of using two different brands for the components on your new rig, or you may be curious whether there are any known issues with using an Nvidia graphics card (GPU), with an AMD CPU.

It’s not a bad idea to use an AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU, it is one of the most recommended GPU and CPU pairings. Other good options are an AMD CPU, an AMD GPU, and an Intel CPU with either an AMD or Nvidia GPU.

I made a pool to see how many people are convinced that pairing an AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU is a good idea or if there’s a better combination, and here are my results:

Question: Is using AMD CPUs with NVidia GPUs a good choice?YesNoMakes no difference
Percentage of votes35.7%0.0%64.3%

From the data, you can see that no one said it is a bad idea, About ⅓ are convinced that it’s a very good idea, and the two-thirds of people that responded said it doesn’t matter.

NVIDIA graphics cards far exceeded AMD in the past, but in recent times, AMD has caught up to Nvidia and their graphics cards are at a similar price point and comparable performance.

As a final check make sure you’ve got everything right and to be sure you don’t make any errors in choosing parts by using this tool Once you do that it will inform you whether all of the parts are compatible with each other.

Advantages of Using an AMD CPU with an NVIDIA GPU

Building my new PC I was surprised to find that building a PC with solid specs ended up being fairly cheap because the new AMD CPUs are on the cheaper side but still offer top-naught performance.

The main advantage is that Nvidia GPUs consistently outperform AMD GPUs. All other factors are fairly negligible, but still, Nvidia GPUs tend to be more expensive so you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars more for the increased performance.

Here’s a table that shows a comparison of price and performance between AMD graphics cards and Nvidia:

Name of graphics cardRank (best to worst, 1 being the best)Price
Nvidia RTX 30901$1499
Nvidia RTX 3080 (Ti and standard)2$1199 and $699
Nvidia RTX 3070 (Ti and standard)3$599 and $499
Nvidia RTX 3060 (Ti and standard)4$399 and $329
AMD Radeon RX 6800 (16 GB)5$649
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (16 GB)6$999
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (16 GB)7$479

Nvidia graphics cards outperformed AMD, but in some specific cases, AMD GPUs did perform better, the bottom line is that on average Nvidia graphics cards did perform better on most tests.

For regular gaming, there isn’t such a big difference in performance, and in my opinion, the difference isn’t that noticeable, most people would be more than happy with the performance of modern AMD graphics cards.

Is It Worth It To Use An AMD CPU With An NVIDIA GPU? 

It is definitely worth using an AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU because you get the best performance-to-cost ratio. If you want to play games at the highest FPS possible so you wouldn’t have a disadvantage in the online scene then this combination may end up being the holy grail for you.

For a hobbyist gamer that only plays occasionally and not at the highest levels an AMD GPU is perfectly fine.

But, if you’re very competitive and you reach higher levels of competition you’ll want every edge you can get, and an NVidia GPU makes sense to get.

Is It Better to Use AMD CPUs with AMD Graphics Cards?

There is no noticeable advantage to using an AMD CPU with an AMD graphics card. An Nvidia graphics card works perfectly fine with an AMD CPU, But NVIDIA doesn’t support all HDMI ports, whereas AMD does while being the cheaper option.

Based on the results of the research I did to find out whether an AMD or Nvidia graphics card is better in combination with an AMD CPU, I found that 35.7% are convinced that NVIDIA is the way to go, but most people think that it’s up to you at the end of the day and you should base your decision on how much you want to spend on a graphics card. 

Do You Get Better Gaming Performance Using an AMD CPU with an NVIDIA GPU?

When getting a new gaming rig it’s generally believed that you get what you pay for.

An AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU does provide a better gaming performance based on the fact that Nvidia GPUs outperform AMD GPUs. But, a more in-depth analysis will reveal that Intel CPUs are a better value for money than AMD CPUs, so a better combination would be an Nvidia GPU with an Intel CPU.

Are There Any Reported Problems with Using an AMD CPU with an NVIDIA GPU?

There are no known reported problems with using an AMD CPU and an Nvidia GPU. There can be minor bugs or software issues that need a workaround, however, these are very rare with this CPU/GPU combination.

The CPU/GPU combination of an Intel or AMD CPU and AMD GPU has had some reported issues, particularly with drivers. More so than the combination of an AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU.

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