Are MacBooks Touch Screen? (Quick Answer!)

One of the most desired features of a MacBook is the touch screen! When you buy a premium product like a MacBook you wood expect that you have the option to buy it with a touch screen, is that the case?

Neider MacBook Air or Pro has a touch screen version out on the market. If you need a touch screen Apple portable PC the closest thing you have is the iPad, for power users the iPad Pro powered by the new M1 chip will provide more than enough power to complete even demanding graphical tasks.

If you are like me and want to know why Apple doesn’t release a touch screen version of the MacBook and if a touch screen MacBook is a possibility in the future you are in the right place, we will cover these topics next!

Reasons Why Apple Doesn’t Release Touch Screen MacBooks


Now that you know that you don’t have the option to buy a touch screen MacBook let us examine what are the main reasons why Apple remains stubborn and isn’t releasing a much-desired touch screen MacBook:

  • MacBooks take portability to its limits, they are light and very thin and as a result, this makes their screens very fragile and vulnerable.
  • The iPad, making a touch screen MacBook will highly reduce the need for an iPad.
  • The addition of a touch screen will bump the price higher and MacBooks are expensive as they are, a price jump to the upside will make them unaffordable for a big part of the existing market.

The newer generations of MacBooks are renowned for having fragile screens, now imagine what would happen if Apple will make a touch screen version and you will touch the screen often. Lots of people will end up with broken screens and Apple doesn’t what to be forced to replace too many screens and maybe end up selling MacBooks at a loss.

If a MacBook had a touch screen version, you would be forced to clean the screen very often and many people end up damaging the screen due to the use of inappropriate cleaning solutions. If you want to know what is the correct way to clean your MacBooks screen, check out this article!

Maybe the most important reason why Apple has not released a touch screen MacBook is that they would lose money because many people will end up not buying the iPad, Apple love to make money and if they can sell you two products instead of one be assured that they will do that (as any big company will).

Will Future Generations of MacBooks Have a Touch Screen?

The chance that a future generation of MacBooks will be a touch screen is slim to none because this will eat up the iPad’s market cap.

Apple is renowned to be incredible at marketing and understanding very well the needs of its consumers, they are notorious for making you buy more than one Apple product. Why would they change the strategy right now!

John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, declared when interviewed by The Wall Street Journal:

We make the world’s best touch computer on an iPad. It’s totally optimized for that. And the Mac is totally optimized for indirect input. We haven’t really felt a reason to change that.

John Ternus

Do MacBooks Need Screen Protector?

Due to the fact that MacBooks are not touch screen, they do not need screen protectors. More than this using a screen protector isn’t recommended because when you close the lid on a MacBook is very little clearance between the screen and the keyboard.

To make them as thin as possible Apple diminished as much as possible the clearance from the screen and the keyboard, for this reason, many people that don’t clean their keyboards regularly and let the dust and debris accumulate end up damaging the screen when they close the lid.

Because this clearance is so small it is not recommended that you install a screen protector over your MacBook’s screen, even if at first it may seem to be fine, in time you may end up regretting it.


Despite the big demand from the market, MacBooks aren’t touch screen and most likely they will not be in the near future.

Your best choice will still remain to use your MacBook along with the iPad if you are a graphic designer and if you are a normal user you can just use the iPad in combination with the magic keyboard and maybe save the money that you would have spent on a MacBook.

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