Are Radeon Graphics Cards Compatible With Intel Processors?



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AMD’s Radeon graphics cards are gaining in popularity because AMD has stepped up its game and now is developing graphics cards that can compete with NVIDIA.

One of the biggest problems you can have is the incompatibility between PC parts, so are Radeon graphics cards compatible with Intel processors?

Radeon graphics cards are definitely compatible with Intel processors. Intel isn’t a graphics card manufacturer SO their processors aren’t designed to work with only one type of graphics card so there isn’t a problem if you plug in a Radeon card in a PC with an Intel processor.

In this article, I will tell you if you can use the two together, what are the disadvantages of using this combination and in the end, I will enumerate the advantages of using Ryzen processors together with Radeon cards so keep reading!

Do Radeon Graphics Cards Onley Work With Ryzen Processors?

Radeon graphics cards are not CPU specific, they will work with any CPU on the market, and because their drivers are separate from the CPU drivers (which are included in the operating system) there is no problem in the compatibility department.

Graphics card

You can definitely use a Radeon graphics card with an Intel processor and you won’t encounter any problems down the line.

In this market where the prices of graphics cards are rocketing sky high and the stocks are at an all-time low use what graphics card you can afford and you find in stock.

Are There Disadvantages Of Using Radeon Graphics Cards With Intel Processors?

There are many fanboys that only use AMD Radeon cards with the AMD processors because they want to max out the performance but keep in mind that this is just a personal preference and in reality, there are no clear disadvantages of using an AMD Radeon card with Intel processors.

This is where I usually list all the disadvantages but really I don’t have what to list because there are no noticeable disadvantages, use which processor is giving you more performance for your desired use, and don’t worry about disadvantages.

What Issues Were Reported By People Using AMD Cards With Intel Processors?

There are no problems reported online that are in direct correlation with using an AMD graphics card with an Intel processor. There are many people that use a combination of an Intel processor and a dedicated AMD graphics card, if there were compatibility problems they would surface.

Intel even made a mini PC with an Intel processor and an integrated AMD Radeon Vega graphics card, so you can see the two really work well together.

Advantages Of Using Radeon Graphics Cards With Ryzen Processors

There aren’t noticeable advantages of using Radeon graphics cards with Ryzen processors, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some advantages, keep in mind that these advantages are minor and won’t make a noticeable difference.

So let’s explore those advantages:

  • iGPU and dedicated GPU work together: these are applicable on Ryzen processors that are equipped with an integrated Vega card, practically the two cards will work like two NVIDIA cards work using the SLI technology (don’t expect a massive performance boost)
  • CPU and graphics card test: there are more tests done by the manufacturer (because they are the products of the same manufacturer) and this reduces the risk of problems down the line
  • Drivers compatibility: because they are developed by the same manufacturer the driver’s updates will be more rigorously tested using the Ryzen processors
  • Ryzen processors have lower TDP: because Radeon graphics cards are renowned to be power-hungry there is a slight advantage when you paired it with a processor that has a low TDP so that more power will be available to the graphics card.

As you can see besides the fact that if you have a Ryzen processor with an integrated GPU the two GPUs (the dedicated one and the integrated one) are designed to work together there aren’t noticeable advantages of using Radeon cards paired with Ryzen processors.


I know this is a short article but it is like that because there isn’t much to debate here, you can definitely use Radeon graphics cards with Intel processors without losing performance or encountering any issues in the long term.

If you find that your dream PC incorporates an Intel processor and a Radeon graphics card then definitely go for it, you will not have any notable disadvantages.

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