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Are Intel CPUs Bad? (Important Facts)

If you’re new to building your first PC or looking to upgrade your existing CPU then you’ll be wanting to get the best CPU for the price but may not mind spending a bit more to get something a lot better. So, today I will explain whether Intel CPUs are a good option and if there is anything to be wary of when getting an Intel CPU.

Intel CPUs aren’t bad, it typically wins head-to-head on price to performance over AMD. In recent times, the difference between Intel and AMD CPUs has become very narrow, and there isn’t much difference between them.

There’s nothing worse than paying too much for something, although it’s not the end of the world, getting really good value for money just makes sense. 

So, below I will do a cost-to-performance comparison to answer whether Intel CPUs are overpriced, some reasons why people prefer not to get Intel CPUs, and what the state of the technology is on Intel CPUs compared to AMD CPUs.

Intel Processor

Are Intel CPUs Overpriced?

Intel CPUs are not overpriced, AMD and Intel CPUs are priced very close to each other, and in some cases, a comparable Intel CPU is cheaper than an AMD CPU.

To answer this question more definitely here’s a price chart that shows how equivalent AMD and Intel CPUs compare based on the different CPU price points:

The website that analyzed the performance and priceRecommended (best value for money CPU)
Tom’s HardwareAMD
Logical IncrementsIntel
CG DirectorIntel
Geeks for geeksIntel
PC WorldIntel
Electronics hubIntel
Art of PCIntel

As you can see, the vast majority of websites that analyzed the specs, performance, and value for money concluded that Intel is the best option. It’s important to note that this is for Intel or AMD CPUs that are at the low end of the price range.

For gaming PCs, the low-end CPUs are ideal and will play all of the latest games as perfectly as you want them to. However, if you’re using your computer as a tool to crunch a ton of data, do a lot of video rendering or know you will be using your computer to do a lot of tasks where the extra processing power will save you a lot of time, then AMD typically is the better option.

At the higher end, where CPUs are over $1000 or more AMD wins based on performance, but for most people’s uses, Intel is not overpriced and is generally the way to go. But, it’s important to note that the difference between them isn’t THAT large. However, Intel definitely gives the best value for money, in a side-by-side comparison.

Reasons People Look Down on Intel CPUs

Like all things where there are two big players, like Apple and Google Android, and Coke and Pepsi, there are some people that absolutely love one brand over the other, it seems to be the case that AMD and Intel have a similar dynamic going on.

The 11th Gen Was a Flop

In March 2021, Intel launched its 11th-generation CPUs. Generally, when an updated product comes out you expect it to be better. But, soon after it came out a ton of guys did independent tests to compare how much better it was. 

They were surprised to find that it actually performed worse than the previous less expensive CPUs. This caused Intel to lose a lot of favor in the PC market.

They Did Some Questionable Hype Marketing That Annoyed People

On top of this, when they brought out their new 11th gen CPU, they explained in their info about it that it was significantly faster. However, various people found that they weren’t doing a proper comparison. 

When doing the comparison, the other computer components were more powerful when testing the new 11th gen CPU, and they used a slower computer to test the older CPUs.

They Didn’t Upgrade Their CPUs Until Amd Caught Up in Competition

Many people are of the opinion that Intel was slow-rolling its upgrades. And weren’t doing their best to provide the best CPUs at the cheapest price. For example, their CPUs had a low core count for a long time.

Then AMD brought out a CPU that had more cores than Intel’s CPUs, and cost the same as Intel’s CPUs that had fewer cores. Then, all of sudden Intel released a CPU that had more cores and was at a similar price to AMD’s CPU. This made it quite clear to people who were observing this trend that Intel was holding out on providing the best CPU for the price.

They Had a Monopoly for Many Years and Didn’t Innovate

Intel was the market leader for a long time, and many people are of the opinion that they were taking advantage of its position. When they were at the top, providing the best CPUs they didn’t innovate much. This led many people to conclude that Intel was trying to extract as much money as possible, rather than reinvest the money to create a better product.

Also, when AMD started innovating and taking over, only then did Intel start innovating. Which showed that they did not appreciate the position they were in, or value their customers. It’s impossible to conclude if this was Intel’s attitude. However, many people saw it this way.

Is Intel Really Using an Outdated Technology?

Intel is not using outdated technology. The performance of their CPUs is comparable to the performance of their top competitor AMD. Intel and AMD both use their own proprietary technology which can differ slightly. But, the bottom line is that their performance is largely the same.

If Intel were using outdated technology their CPUs would not be able to keep up with the performance of their top competitor AMD.

However, independent tests have shown that both Intel and AMD’s CPUs have very similar performance at each of the different price points. And many people who have performed these tests such as PC World, and Geeks for Geeks say that Intel is a better option than AMD.


Intel CPUs are not bad and are in fact very good. Certain generations of Intel CPUs didn’t upgrade the performance such as the 11th generation which was released in March 2021. The Intel i5 is the best at around the $100 to $200 price point. And then Intel i9 is the best Intel CPU at around the $500 price point.


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