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Are NVIDIA Graphics Cards Good? (An Honest Review)

NVIDIA is a big company with a lot of tradition around it and in almost all discussions on the internet about graphic cards people are mentioning them.

The graphic card is one of the most expensive parts of a personal computer, getting this wrong will be very costly!

Is NVIDIA a Reputable Brand in The Industry?

In the GPU industry, NVIDIA is one of the most renowned and trusted brands. Over the years NVIDIA gained the trust of the most demanding gamers, video editors, and other professionals who use them in their day-to-day routine.

I think it is safe to say that NVIDIA is the market leader when it comes to graphic cards!

The Quality Of NVIDIA Graphics Cards?

NVIDIA graphics cards are one of the best if not the best graphics cards that money can buy. They are renowned to have the best-performing gaming graphics cards with the RTX series. The RTX NVIDIA cards have great performances in video editing, digital animation, and many more graphic production fields.

Graphics card

It really doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, a content creator, or a graphical editor, if you need a lot of video processing power you will find a reliable partner if you buy an NVIDIA graphics card.

NVIDIA graphics cards have a really good reputation online, they are considered reliable, well-optimized, and high performing. The only big problem that some people have with them is often the price tag.

Where Are NVIDIA Graphics Cards Made?

NVIDIA does not manufacture its products, instead, they do the design and then outsources the production to Asian companies.

For graphics cards sold under the NVIDIA brand like GeForce RTX XXXX Founders Edition, Foxconn manufactures the actual cards and handles the final assembly, while TSMC manufactures the silicon chips. But still, everything is manufactured in ASIA.

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company ho is a massive electronic components manufacturer. In China, Foxconn is the largest employer in the Chinese state, having more than 500,000 employees in the Shenzen factory.

Are NVIDIA Graphics Cards Good For Gaming?

NVIDIA graphic cards are the most popular choice for a gaming PC, their reputation in the gaming world is unmatched. Their only competitor is AMD.

If you want to know which graphics cards are the best for gaming, then the benchmarks are your best friend. Luckily we can easily find the benchmarks for the top-performing graphics cards.

In the G3D test benchmark on videocardbenchmark.net NVIDIA graphics cards take 8 out of the first 10 places and 24 out of the first 30 places. So we can easily say that NVIDIA graphic cards are dominating the high-end spectrum of the gaming world.

Are NVIDIA Graphics Cards Good For Production Work?

NVIDIA graphic cards have a good reputation in the professional world, they are considered stable and reliable.

The RTX series is well known to produce great results for video editing and on small to medium digital animation projects, for the larger animation projects (that need a large amount of video memory) the Quadro series is renowned for its performance. The only problem with the Quadro series graphic cards is the price.

For architects and engineers, the NVIDIA RTX graphic card will be able to handle the smaller projects, but on larger projects, a Quadro series will be needed.

NVIDIA Quadro cards are certified for a broad range of professional applications, tested by leading workstation manufacturers, and backed by a global team of support specialists.

How Stable are NVIDIA Drivers?

As a general rule, NVIDIA drivers are very stable in time and don’t cause many problems.

NVIDIA is updating its drivers regularly to keep up with the new game releases, in 2021 there were some releases that caused a lot of problems for users, frame drop-in games, games not starting, etc.

I had some problems with my drivers not wanting to update, in my opinion, the latest drivers at least for shares RTX 20XX and below don’t seem to show the same reliability with which we were accustomed to NVIDIA.

How Long Do NVIDIA Graphics Cards Last?

As a general rule, NVIDIA graphic cards are designed to last a long time, the problem is that after a while they will not keep up with the hardware requirements of the newer games.

My graphic card now is approaching the 5 years mark and it is still working fine I can still play the newer games, of course not at Ultra settings but still at a decent quality, I have an NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphic card.

The build quality of your NVIDIA card will depend on the manufacturer (Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.), but none of the popular manufacturers will build a bad card and NVIDIA is incorporating a lot of protection features in their design.

The lifespan of your NVIDIA graphic card will highly rely on how aggressive you will be with the overclocking, I stuck with the factory overclocked (my card was overclocked by the manufacturer).

What Do the Reviews Say?

If you want to know if a brand has good products you need to check the client’s satisfaction rate, and what better way of doing this than checking the reviews on the big online stores?

For this reason, I checked more than 5 of the biggest online stores that sell graphic cards, and I gathered all the reviews around the models that fall is to each of the more popular NVIDIA series (I checked many models from each series) and the results are:

Card SeriesNr. sites checkedNr. of reviewsRating (max5)
GeForce RTX7127404.72
GeForce GTX 7127794.58
NVIDIA graphics cards online reviews

The GTX is an older series but I think it is still relevant because there are many sold and the reviews are gathered in a larger period of time (you can still buy them second-hand).

As we can see the RTX and GTX series have great overall user feedback, Quadro series cards have good feedback and now we can really conclude that the customers were quite satisfied.

How Long Is the Warranty on NVIDIA Graphics Cards?

All NVIDIA graphic cards have a standard 3 years warranty from the time of purchase but this isn’t always applied to some manufacturers.

The graphics cards produced by PNY get 1 year of warranty (extended for the lifetime of the original purchaser upon the completion of a registration form on PNY’s website), and products must be registered within 90 days of purchase (see terms on PNY.com).

MSI, ZOTAC, EVGA, GIGABYTE, and ASUS all offer the standard 3 years warranty stated by NVIDIA.

Packaging and What do You Get in The Box?

NVIDIA graphic cards come well packaged, very few were damaged during shipping. So you don’t have to worry here, your precious graphics card will be well protected, and are too few things that can go wrong.

The package will contain the following:

  • graphic card
  • quick start guide
  • GeForce support guide
  • some cards come with a power cable adaptor


As a general rule, all graphic cards that are under the brand NVIDIA will be high quality and regardless of the fact that you are a gamer or a professional you will be spoiled with top-tear performance, but this performance will come with a cost, so be prepared to open your wallet.

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